the current state of things

Work is taking up most of my time, but I've been spending what little free time I have hanging with my sis, cooking, and obsessing over fandoms that I'm not in. Sister Sister is picky picky picky, but she's eaten more or less everything I've made (even the endive and gorgonzola salad that I topped tonight's steaks with... so proud!), so I'm rewarding her with peach crumble in a bit. Am I the best, or am I the best? Actually, don't even answer that; I think we all already know the answer.

Debating starting Mad Man at Sister Sister's request, but until I do, I'm gonna stick with Master Chef and Suits. And The Choice, but lol, let's not talk about that.

What's new with you guys? Anything? I'm going to visit the Amish this weekend, partially because my brother goes to college around there and I need to pawn two dozen cookies off on him (I can't stop cooking and baking! It's a disease!), but mostly because Sister Sister is fascinated by them and we want to go eat an Amish meal.

Talk to me, I'm bored. Or give me recipes to cook. Or books to read. Or let's talk fandoms and what fics you want to see and what you're writing.

Or let's talk about how if Mike doesn't get with Harvey, I'm gonna marry him myself.


Goddamn, sir. 

harry/louis ficlets

turns out me being bored at work leads to me seeing if i can write harry/louis or not. all in a day's work, i'd say.

The Barter System
Girl!Louis and Harry, at home in the morning.
PG-13; 873 words.
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The Boundaries of More
Louis gives Harry a handie in the ocean and has a lot of feelings, basically.
R; 953 words
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Something About Being Here With You
A Wristcutters: A Love Story AU. Probably won't make too much sense without having seen that.
PG-13; 733 words.
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the difference between knowing and knowing

Title: The Difference Between Knowing and Knowing
Pairing: Liam/Zayn
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 20,250
A/N: Eternal gratitude to tankshallkill, for listening to me go on and on about this for ages without getting sick of me.
Summary: “They say I’m in a band,” Liam tells his mom. He squeezes his eyes shut, his phone pressed tight against his ear. “I don’t even remember any of it.” In which Liam gets temporary amnesia and forgets things even more important than the fact that he's in a band.

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libor hands

the visible beauty of a voice that sings

Title: The Visible Beauty of a Voice That Sings
Pairing: Liam/Zayn
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5,264
A/N: Written loosely for this prompt at the kink meme. Liam has synesthesia which allows him to perceive music as color.
Summary: "You have the most beautiful voice I've ever seen," Liam says, whispering because it's a secret, because it's truer than anything he's ever said in his entire life.

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now presenting...

The luxover drabble machine!!

I've got nothing doing tomorrow, so prompt me if you're interested. You guys know what football and AI7 pairings I'm familiar with, but I'll also write some One Direction if your name is tankshallkill or if you just ask really really nicely. :)


FOOTBALL: Alcantaras Mafia AU, as part of this 'verse.
FOOTBALL: Silva/Villa Mafia AU, as part of this 'verse.
FOOTBALL: Jack Wilshere/Pepe Reina, Jack wears a Reina jersey in the Arsenal locker room.

ONE DIRECTION: Gen snippet of them filming One Thing.
ONE DIRECTION: AU where Zayn is a solo hip-hop artist and Liam is a big fan.
ONE DIRECTION: Liam/Zayn, cigarette smoking kink (ish) 

AI7/ANTHEMIC: Andy Skib/David Archuleta, working dead end jobs, but plus cuteness
AI7/ANTHEMIC: Cookmann, where in Neal goes swimming in his jeans because shorts are not his thing

rounding out family; 2 mixes

The first edition of footie_bang is out! And seriously, we had some pretty amazing stuff submitted, fic and mixes alike, so pleeeaaaase go check them out here and flail all over everything and lavish praise every time there's the ability to post a comment. BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE DESERVE IT, NAH MEAN?

As for myself, I made one fic and two mixes:

Title: Rounding Out Family
Pairing: Cristiano Ronaldo / Mesut Ozil
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 18,958
Summary: Cristiano looks at Mesut and he thinks about how nice it could be, not doing all of this alone, and that just comes out of nowhere, because Cristiano is fine on his own, isn’t looking for anybody to round out his family when they’re doing just fine, just him and his son.

The mix made for my fic, by eleret, is like. Absolutely amazing. Seriously. I'm listening to it right now, and I only just finished flailing all over the cover art-- Cristiano with his son omg a;ksldjfas;ldkfja s;ldkfj and then Mesut looking all sexy and delicious and everything~~ I cannot even. So. Do me a solid and go download her mix and tell her how wonderful and fabulous she is, and how wonderful and fabulous her mix is, because it's all true.

Carry My Wrist On Your Heart As You Go is a fanmix for a really, really awesome Erik Friberg / Roger Levesque fic by wh_mermaid. It is, I will be completely honest with you, the world's best break-up fic in existence. I mean, this is how break-up fics are supposed to go. And even though it's MLS... JUST READ IT, OKAY? It's sad but still strangely hopeful, and it hurts so, so good, and in all the right places, and you'll be missing out if you don't give it a look. Seriously one of my all-time favorite fics, I gotta say.

But Things Change is my second fanmix, this time for a Steven Gerrard / Michael Owen fic by tempered_rose. It's actually the first Gerrard/Owen fic I've ever read (and another semi-break-up fic!), and she has me sold on the heartbreak of it, for sure! The flashbacks work really well, and. I mean. I never was good at saying no to Jamie Carragher, so. Go read it!

AUTHORS/MIXERS: I'm about to start making my way through the master list, and I will comment on everything, so don't you worry, I will get to you eventually!!!