DEL ZOTTO, YOU OWE ME CASH (luxover) wrote,

yagkyas letter

My dearest YAGKYAS writer,

I'm not going to lie, I'm really fucking excited you got me, and you should be really excited too, because basically, I'm the least picky person ever. You know how we had the option to put down two pairings? Yeah, those are my favorites, but I like literally all of the pairings ever, so feel free to go wild should Brad/Ray maybe not be up your alley. Ray/Walt? Sign me up. Rudy/Pappy? I'm into it. Stafford/Christeson? Where can I get more? So really, if you want to write something with a pairing, DO NOT FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO STICK TO THE TWO I PUT DOWN IF YOU'VE GOT A GREAT IDEA. 

But I like gen, too! I love Rudy, and think Rudy and his Rudy-isms trying to care for his brothers in Iraq could be awesome, and that Rudy and his Rudy-isms trying to deal with the person he's become post-Iraq has the potential for heartbreak of the hurts-so-good variety. Or fic of Doc Bryan being a badass, that could be ace. Or bro!fic!! I like bro!fic, too. Brad and Ray as BFFs isn't really something I can say no to, for example. Or Nate somehow finding common ground on which to stand with Meesh, haha. I actually love all of the characters in the show, so you can pretty much use whoever you want in whatever capacity you want, and that's fine with me.

In terms of plot, I know the prompt I gave you was lame, but in my defense, it was pretty difficult to think up something like that. So you have my blessing to just ignore that. Unless you love it? It's an SE Hinton quote, and she knows what's what, so then feel free to make use of it. All I ask is that you have a happy ending!! Seriously, I am totally okay with angst and heartbreak as long as everything is better by the end. 

Some ideas because I realize this letter is totally not helpful: I love all of the main plot tropes, so feel free to use one of those, AU or not, fake boyfriends, waking up married, accidental bodyswap, mind-reading, whatever. Maybe Ray goes home after Iraq and becomes a bonafide rock star, like he said he was going to (and thus essentially turns into PJ? I dunno how this works)? Maybe Walt can't stop thinking of Ray ever since he interrupted Ray's combat jack? Maybe Brad never became a Marine but became a pro surfer instead? Or maybe he's actually Will Hunting and Nate's his Minnie Driver Harvard student? I DON'T KNOW, I'M JUST TRYING TO HELP YOU BECAUSE SOMETIMES IT SUCKS BEING TOLD "JUST DO WHATEVER AND I'LL LOVE IT," BUT SERIOUSLY, JUST DO WHATEVER AND I'LL LOVE IT. I PROMISE. YOU ARE NOT AT RISK OF OFFENDING MY DELICATE SENSIBILITIES BECAUSE I DO NOT HAVE DELICATE SENSIBILITIES. 

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