Pond Ice and the In Between

Title: Pond Ice and the In Between
Pairing: Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 48,271
Summary: “I thought your name was Zhenya,” Sid says, which—right, they didn’t talk about that, he just read it on the name tag and also probably butchered the pronunciation beyond repair. He thinks, maybe, that he should have only two states in life: on the ice, and in the office, and there should never exist any in between for him. He feels his face flush as he sort of tries to fix the situation, gesturing to his own chest, to where his nametag would be if he wore one, and says, “Your, uh. Your nametag yesterday said Zhenya? So I thought… I don’t know.”

Or: the coffee shop AU that is still somehow all about hockey.

the upside of accident // laughter at a closer distance

Title: The Upside of Accident
Pairing: Jeff Skinner / Jordan Staal
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5,185
Summary: “Ah, fuck,” Jeff says, and the smile stretches its way across his face, putting lines in the corners of his eyes and dimples in his cheeks. “I gotta deal with two of you, now?” Or: An accidental dating fic.

For a split second, Jordan doesn’t even know how to respond, but he’s been around chirping for long enough that he catches himself, deadpans back, “If you’re the welcoming committee, I’m going back to Pittsburgh.”

Title: Laughter at a Closer Distance
Pairing: Jordan Eberle / Taylor Hall
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6,033
Summary: The thing is, if it wasn't for his nerves and all that, Taylor would mostly just be super embarrassed that he didn't see this coming. Maybe he should have known something was up when the cheapest dude on the planet invited him out for a roommates' dinner at a pretty nice place, but somehow he just forgot to ask himself, Could this whole thing be a ploy to get me to an over-priced restaurant that Whits'll never actually show up to because he's a douchebag who thinks he's helping things by setting me up on a surprise date with Ebby?

Taylor doesn't know how that question slipped his mind, but in the future, he'll have to be more careful.


The Latent Bonding of Devil Dogs at War

Title: The Latent Bonding of Devil Dogs at War
Pairing: Brad/Ray
Rating: R
Word Count: 53,463
Summary: "You should be so lucky,” Brad says, and he watches Ray tighten his grip on the steering wheel before looking back out the window. “Nothing worse than getting tied to one person and having no say in who you have to fuck for the rest of your life.”

In which Brad winds up bonded to Ray, and isn't exactly happy with the situation.

In which my brain rebels...

...and I suffer from writer's block.


I am opening the floor to comment fic prompts to try to get things going again, and hopefully I'll actually be able to fill all of them. Anything goes from my usual fandoms or things you know I like-- mini-sequels/prequels/codas to things I've already written, footie, 1D, AI/Anthemic, Teen Wolf, Gen Kill, etc.


FOOTBALL: Silva/Villa Coda to The Distance Between Two Bodies 
FOOTBALL: Silva/Villa, the second time Villa says "I love you," Coda to The Distance Between Two Bodies
FOOTBALL: Messi+Villa, mafia!verse
FOOTBALL: Cristiano/Kaka, Cris is a baker and Kaka is the businessman developing the empty lot next door 
FOOTBALL: Cristiano/Kaka, mafia!verse
FOOTBALL: Mesut/Cristiano, supporting each other through a tough beginning of the season

ONE DIRECTION: Liam/Zayn Gen Kill!AU
ONE DIRECTION: Liam/Zayn, Zayn smoking lazily while Liam watches

TEEN WOLF: Scott/Stiles, making out pre-show

to all of space and time

Title: To All of Space and Time
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Harvey/Mike
Word Count: 10,468
Summary: What Mike learned from that—because there’s always something to be learned, when Harvey’s involved—is that there are two types of people in the world: those who get you off the hook, and those who put you on it. He’s running for his life down a corridor with an empty fishbowl under his arm when he wonders which kind the Doctor is.

A/N: Written loosely for a suits_meme prompt in which Mike gets fired and somehow ends up a companion. A Doctor Who crossover fic.

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